Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Well, it's been almost a month now since my last post here, and to my regular readers, it must be obvious by now that Show World is going--quite gently--into that good night. It occurred to me today that I shouldn't let that happen without some kind of comment, to at least provide explanation and, perhaps, closure. Essentially, the deal is that I'm just not that jonesed about the idea of keeping a blog anymore. (That, and the simple fact that, like going to the gym, once you fall out of the habit of updating it for a prolonged spate, it's hard to return to it.) When I started this blog nearly a year ago, just after Labor Day, I was barely writing anything, except for the occasional piece here and there, and I was stuck in temp hell wondering if I'd ever get my journalistic career back on track. In that context, doing a blog appealed to me as a way to write on a steady basis. Since then, of course, not only did I start a great new job at a great magazine, but my real writing has really started to take off, both at the mag and at some regular freelance gigs; when you throw in the work I've recently begun dedicating to my long-planned book proposal (complete with sample chapters), it seems like I'm writing practically all the time these days. So not only do I have little time to post my little entries anymore, I also lack much of my former interest in doing so. And thus, I must bid this blog--and you--adieu.

For those readers who may want to keep in touch or simply stay aware of future developments in my life and work, please feel free to e-mail me at schroedernyc@hotmail.com. (If enough people are interested, I might even send out occasional Show World-like dispatches via e-mail.) Thanks for reading, and Godspeed.